sábado, 10 de febrero de 2018

Let Him Go, Let Him Be.

I know how hard it seems to be without him, and I know how awful it is to let him go. He is your home. But sometimes, we need to evacuate when the fire alarm goes on, we need to leave our home or else we’ll die burning. Leave your home. Let him go. Let him be. let him be. Don’t you claim that you love him? If you really do, you must unlock your chain that’s wrapped around his soul. I know it’s difficult to believe that you won’t ever again be present in his life, but sometimes love means letting go. Are you in love with him, or do you love him? because if you are in love with him, you will need him, however, if you love him, you will set him free. Sometimes love means letting the other person be and live the way he desires. Don’t let your love be the cage that will stop him from flying. Go and open the door for him so he can roam the world, and if you two are meant to be, he will know his way back to you. Until time shows you what’s meant to be and what’s not, let him go. He’s not yours and you are not his. You don’t own each other because love is freedom, happiness, and kindness. Go build your own home now and decorate it with flowers. Love him, do not hate him, but let him go, let him be. Thank him for the experiences and lessons that you needed and then, let him go, let him be. All is happening for a reason, you will soon see.

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