sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

My life at 30. About hearts, filters and stories.

There are hearts that age faster than the rest of the body. There are also, hearts that remain young in time-consumed shells. There are souls that kneel down in tall, perfect bodies. There are also righteous and immaculate souls in bodies hump-backed by so many burdens. What´s better, which combination brings harmony, wisdom and the feeling of a useful existence? I once said that I would like to die young and this should happen as late as possible. In another approach with regard to the first paragraphs, I should keep my heart young and my soul righteous. The body can be disproportionately disturbed and I would like, after a while, to bend here and there, taking the shape of a question mark. I wish I never run out of questions. But what would the secret be? (and yet, here's another question). I'm only 30 years old. Until now, I have forced some things, even maturity. On one of those rainy days, like today, I read The Little Prince again and it was almost a therapeutic act for me. I knew that all the chase after goods, wealth, status would not bring any good. All the sobriety and the maturity, attributes that seem almost natural in a teacher, will not lift me in any way. I began to play, mostly in my mind, and not to take my life too seriously. I ceased to run after some accomplishments. I have begun to live every little thing with astonishment. I stopped worrying at all the shortcomings. I started to appreciate what I own, little things. I have ceased to have great expectations from other people. I began to get fewer disappointments. I stopped dwelling on negative thoughts. I have begun to be thankful for everything that happens to me. I have ceased to be afraid. I started to look in the mirror, laugh at myself and accept myself as I am. I stopped looking for a mare´s nest. I started to be myself. There´s nothing easy and there is no recipe to achieve a particular state. Our brain makes us go through very good and very bad moments. It can bruise our hearts. If we manage to keep an internal filter, if we dissipate our thoughts, keeping in ourselves the moments and the beautiful words and blocking the ugly things and words, it will be much better. If we realize that the present is the only entity in which we live, we will jump to a higher level of life for a moment at least. Happy people have no past. Unhappy people have only the past to live in. When I say happiness, I am referring to the mixture of joy and suffering not to an adiabatic state, undisturbed by anything evil (such happiness does not exist). I had the great opportunity to interact with elderly people and listen to their stories, to admire them, to discover their playful selves. I had the great chance to interact with children and see their creativity, games, sweet naivety, anchoring in a moment. Analyzing both camps, I realized that silence took hold of me. I set myself other priorities. I decided to play the giddy goat, even the fool; to let some things go and keep what really matters; to keep my calm in any situation; to let love take hold of me; to play every day; to be aware that I have been given a role in a story, and I have to play it as best as I can. I realized that all the architecture of life is built from stories. The way we perceive each thing on a given day dictates how we perceive and live our whole life. A heart remains young by being amazed at everything, detached, by loving full heartedly, by playing. A soul remains righteous through gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, humility. As a rule, if the two are balanced, the body will also remain in excellent, great and good shape.

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